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The highest export production enterprises honor in the "national export inspection exemption qualifications," in China the birth of XX years, the first drop in engineering machinery enterprises head. On June 2X, XX group of Xuzhou heavy machinery limited company in the national construction machinery industry and the XX area first obtain export inspection exemption qualifications, marking the XX heavy product quality reach the international advanced level, to enter the international market to accelerate the pace of.

Export inspection exemption is state quality inspection administration implement the quality strategy, to encourage high-quality products export, the promotion of national brands to expand the international market, changing the growth mode of foreign trade, an important measure to improve the market competitiveness of the "China manufacturing", is a national honor awarded the highest quality of export enterprises, and represents the highest level of the industry, so the "national export inspection exemption" also known as the to the international market "gold pass". Obtain export inspection exemption qualifications enterprise, inspect the goods at the time of export exemption from inspection, direct clearance, not only exempt from inspection costs, save time and cost, but also can enjoy the convenient customs clearance measures of inspection and quarantine. Therefore, countries access conditions on the export inspection free enterprise demanding, high standards and strict, tight control, are currently considered the most stringent review all quality in a review, at present the industry national export inspection exemption qualifications enterprise only 100 home.

Since last year X month XX heavy QY50K products export free inspection project started, entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and heavy XX quickly established a linkage working group, in the province, City Bureau experts many on-site guidance, to mid July, successfully passed the Provincial Bureau of the organization of expert XX heavy export exemption examination, and signed to promote the memorandum of cooperation for exemption of export. Last September, the United Provinces, the leadership of the Council of XX heavy puts forward National Bureau final application to the state quality inspection administration is type. This year in June X day, the final audit of the State Quality Inspection Administration Organization expert group on the XX heavy export exemption, in two days of audit, the expert group composed of 4 review group, on the heavy quality management department, technology center, purchasing department, production department and other 20 major departments, from the quality management system management responsibility, resource management, product realization, product inspection six aspects 78 content of examination.

XX heavy duty smoothly through the export inspection audit, not only is the sufficient affirmation of enterprise integrated quality management level, is highly recognized by the domestic construction machinery industry manufacturing level. Through the audit of the XX for exemption of export products to further expand the overseas market, enhance the brand has the extremely important practical value, increase market influence, but also for the domestic construction machinery industry played a good exemplary role.